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Dolores Lope
Dolores Lope

We Understand Family Law: Veteran Family Lawyers in Orange County

When you find yourself involved in a family law dispute, you need the legal services of an attorney who is well versed in the California Family Code and has experience dealing with family courts. Dolores Lopez is a family attorney in Orange County who can skillfully handle any family law dispute.


Our law firm is made up of certified family law specialists serving Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties. Our Orange County family lawyers have provided expertise to individuals and families for more than two decades. During this time, we have earned a reputation as enthusiastic advocates who spare no effort to protect the best interests of their clients.


Our experienced attorneys can represent you at trial or at the negotiating table with the same enthusiasm. We treat each case individually, understanding your situation and objectives to design a personalized strategy that protects your rights throughout the process.


When should you consult with our family lawyers?

Whether your divorce is contested or not, it is best to speak with an experienced Orange County family attorney to understand your options and what to reasonably expect. You should consult with a family law attorney if:

· You want legal separation from your partner

· You want to divorce your spouse

· Your spouse has served you with court documents.

· Your spouse is unfit to be a parent due to substance abuse or undesirable lifestyle habits.

· You are seeking custody of your child.

· Your spouse or partner refuses access to your children


At López Scca, we have 25 years of combined experience handling family law disputes such as child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, domestic violence, and more. Feel free to contact us at (714) 733-7065 or for a free consultation. 



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