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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

High-quality Thermal Papers for all your Printing Needs

Are you looking for thermal papers for your label or receipt printing needs?

Master Distributors has a wide range of thermal papers at affordable prices. We have the highest quality of papers from the leading manufacturers to fulfill all your requirements. 

At Master Distributors, we are the largest wholesalers and distributors of high-quality POS solutions. We've disrupted the normal way of doing business by bridging the gap between sellers and buyers. Our B2B portal has the leading POS hardware and accessories. You can find the top-grossing global products, compare prices, and purchase the highest quality goods for your business. 

Enjoy Clearer & Faster Prints

The use of thermal paper is quite common among retail and hospitality businesses. Thermal papers are widely used for credit card terminals, cash registers, or POS systems to print high-quality and legible receipts and labels. 

But not all thermal papers are the same. You must choose the right paper for your business. At Master Distributors, we have a comprehensive range of thermal papers of various sizes to fulfill all your POS needs. Whether you want thermal papers for your cash register, ATM, terminals, or kiosks - we have a wide range of products to exceed your transaction printing requirements.  

We also have a surfeit of other POS solutions like thermal printers, barcode scanners, custom labels, POS terminals, cash drawers, and much more. Browse through our store and find everything you need to automate your retail business efficiently on our website.  

Contact Us at 1-888-905-7008 or send an email query to for any sales inquiry.



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