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The Best Dental Crowns Scarborough

Dental crowns (also known as dental caps) are coverings placed over a tooth to protect it from damage and decay. At Dentistry at Consilium, we provide dental crowns Scarborough to keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years.

Dental crowns protect weak, damaged, worn out, or cracked teeth. They're also used when teeth have been grounded or eroded. Our dentists have decades of experience in aesthetic and long-lasting restorative dentistry procedures, including dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Worn-out, misshapen, or filled teeth may benefit from dental crowns over veneers. Crowns enhance your smile and create a youthful appearance. They also prevent further damage to chipped or broken teeth and reduce the risk of infections. Dental crowns help you to keep your teeth which may otherwise be lost due to disease or damage.

Why Choose Dentistry at Consilium?

Placing a dental crown requires precision and a deft hand. Our dentists are adept with bespoke restorations that last. Our experienced practitioners specialize in providing crowns that resemble your natural teeth in form, function, and color. We also guarantee a precise fit.

Our dental crown in Scarborough helps patients keep their gums healthy, allowing them to eat and smile without worrying. After your treatment, you'll be completely satisfied with your functional and beautiful smile.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Get in touch with Dentistry at Consilium for precise dental crowns in Scarborough. We'll assess your situation and recommend dental crowns if they're the correct treatment for you. Call 416-296-1080 to set up a consultation today.


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